style is your mind & all it's ideas spilled on the front of your shirt. 


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Laura Fulk is an award wining designer with a distinct voice and undeniable aesthetic.  She seeS style in absolutely everything and has a desire that won't quit.  Laura strives to create pieces that tell a story, inspire or have an effect on people around them.  Pieces that send shivers down one's spine or that are simply unforgettable.  
People carry a presence, what you wear should too.

"(Laura is) quite possibly the best show woman in town" -Sarah Glassman.  Star Tribune.

"...her contributions have been influential and prolific." - Jessica Armbruster.  City Pages

"(Laura Fulk's solo show) felt electric.  Interesting, original fashion is being created here."  -Allison Kaplan.  Pioneer Press

​"...Fulk's innovation is awe inspiring."  -Amy Overman.  The Midwasteland.

ICONS:  location TBD.  9 Minneapolis designers join forces for a evening of rock n roll film, fashion and food.  Ticket on sale here:

UMAMI: Triple Rock Social Club.  Dressing the 5 piece Minneapolis band for Bollywood CD release party!


MAYDA CD release party.  Dressing local songwriter for her 5th CD release show!



photo: staciaAnn photography 2009
photo: Brogan, casanova, Schmidt


2014 Vote Vita.MN's top 9 favorite local fashion designers.
2012 Stitches Magazine "Design of the Year:  Artistic, Fashion"
2012 Stitches Magazine "Design of the Year:  Technical, Fashion" 2012 Stitches Magazine "Stitches Editor's Pick" 2011 Named one of City Page's 100 Creatives
2010 Vita.MN "Lists of the Year:  Voted #1 Favorite Local Fashion Designer" 2009 Letoile Magazine’s Best of 2009 list for Suffocate, Best Solo Show 2009 Scion’s Fashion Feud-Grand prize winner ArtBistroCouture Challenge- National Finalist 2008 Minnesota Historical Society-Purchase Award of Excellence 

UMAMI: CD release party!  Prepare to be wow-ed!

​Location & date TBD



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photo: staciaAnn photography 2009